Building your first studio may seem overwhelming. You start to research online, you read all of these amazing articles, full of great advises as well as  scientific data ( ...lots of scientific data to digest !!) and then, you find yourself more confused than at the start. In fact more you read, more confused you are, then you search for more articles in hope that this time....but all it does is to complicate things even more, and this is how you go in circles. 

But all you want is to be able to create comfortable and sonically accurate studio space. Sounds familiar...? Don't worry, I have been there...

So, I found great eBook which might help you overcome this issue. Sonarworks  eBook by Adam Kagan published May 2019 - foundation of knowledge and basic considerations presented in very easy to understand language, for all aspiring studio engineers or music enthusiasts who simply desire an accurate listening environment.

You can download eBook pdf. from Sonarworks blog page FOR FREE !!! -Yes, for free. What's the catch ? There is no catch! 

Downloaded myself, all works fine, hence I am recommending. Enjoy!

To access Sonarworks eBook, click the link below:

Successful Studio Setup

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